Feb 15, 2018 09:07 · 157 words · 1 minute read

Who Am I?

I like things that are hard. I think things are fun in proportion to their difficulty and overcoming a challenge is the best feeling one can have. I also think you do not really understand something until you can make a joke about it.

I like to spend my time with problems that are hard and people that are awesome.

Things That Are Awesome

  • Functional Programming: The era of Moore’s Law may be over. Concurrency is where it’s at. Also, nothing feels better than a well executed reduce function.
  • Javascript: This was the first language I really tried to study and master. You never forget your first love. When people hate it, it’s because they are trying to make it something it’s not.
  • Philosophy: What is real and what can we really know? There are no problems seemingly more impossible than the ones that humans have been trying to solve for thousands of years.